FSWEP – Federal Student Work Experience Program 2023

FSWEP. The largest student employment programme, FSWEP offers chances for students to get federal public service experience at all levels and in all disciplines of study.

Through FSWEP, students are employed to work in businesses across Canada.

Program for Federal Student Work Experience (FSWEP)

Full time students have the chance to explore their interests and hone their skills through the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP).Prior work experience is not necessary for students to apply.

Students must satisfy the program’s prerequisites.

Full-time and part-time employment options are available.

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Federal Student Work Experience Program, FSWEP

The possibility exists for students hired through FSWEP to:

Boost their academic curriculum

Improve their employability by developing their talents

Become knowledgeable about potential career paths within the federal public service.The FSWEP is a continuous recruitment effort.

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Any full-time secondary or postsecondary student who satisfies the following requirements:

At an approved academic institution, students must always be enrolled full-time.

This includes participants in adult education and retraining programmes at the secondary level and students with a visible or invisible impairment who are considered to have full-time status by their academic institution;the following academic term, be returning to full-time studies; and,In order to work in a province or territory, a student must be at least that age.

Managers will decide what academic standing is required at the entry level for each position.When there are no suitable, competent Canadian citizens available for the post, international students with valid visas allowing employment in Canada may be taken into consideration for student employment programmes.Each year, it hires over 7000 pupils, and its database contains information on 50,000 students. By categorising student resumes into pertinent industries and jobs that may follow academic semesters, it serves as a middleman.

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Assignment’s duration and timetable:

The FSWEP offers both full- and part-time opportunities all year long.

During the summer (or other non-academic terms), students are permitted to work full or part-time schedules, and part-time during the academic year.

As long as the student continues to meet the requirements for student employment, jobs may be continued.

both hiring and referring:

For student employment under FSWEP, the PSC is in charge of recruiting and referring individuals.

All initial applications are received by the PSC from students specifically for this purpose, and candidates are then forwarded to recruiting supervisors.Provided the student continues to meet the programme eligibility requirements, departments may immediately rehire students under this programme.

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How to works

When creating your FSWEP profile, remember to include information about your schooling, location, language skills, and resume, which you may upload into the database.

It will take between 30 and 60 minutes to create a profile.After that, your profile is kept in the database for the entire year and is always up to date.

Update your academic plan, talents, and résumé if anything has changed.Then, federal agencies ask FSWEP to refer a student to them.

The computer system looks for a minimum of five students that fit the qualifications for the open post.

Emails are sent to these qualified students to inquire about their availability and interest in the role.

Applications must be submitted using the PSC application platform.

Students who send an email expressing interest in the position are forwarded to the recruiting manager, who further evaluates the student pool.Candidates may be invited to participate in tests and interviews, and the hiring manager will make employment offers to the candidates who pass the selection process.All referral outcomes for students are displayed under “job application status” on their FSWEP profiles.

Job Inventories

Canada Government

Federal Student Work Experience Program
Closing date: N/A
Public Service Commission of Canada
Across Canada
Various language requirements and/or profiles

Access FSWEP login to explore job opportunity across various government of Canada work locations. Meet the minimum age, education and retraining programs

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