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FSWEP 2024 | Federal Student Work Experience Program

What is a Federal student work experience program?

Are you a student? Do you aim to gain work experience to enrich your future prospects? Then you are at the right place. FSWEP, popularly known as the Federal student work experience program, is the largest employment program for students. Here students can gain valuable experience in the federal public service. Federal Student Work Experience Program enables students to work in various esteemed organizations of Canada and learn various things.

These students can enrich their academic term while Federal Student Work Experience Program and get the chance to hone their skills. You can gain insights into future options within the federal public service. These students are shortlisted via an inventory of applications.

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Who is eligible for FSWEP?

Students who have completed their secondary and postsecondary qualification can apply for this. But they should meet the following criteria:

  1. Students should be registered as a full time and not part time in any recognised institution.
  2. Students should be ready to get back to their academics after completion of this program.
  3. Students should meet the minimum age criteria for employment purposes.

International students who possess a valid visa of Canada can also be considered for the program. Canadian students include students who are Canadian citizens and students who are permanent residents of Canada.

What is the duration of the whole program?

Both full time as well as part time positions are available throughout the year. You have the opportunity to work either full or part time. If a student meets the eligibility criteria, he can continue to job via extension.

Recruitment process for FSWEP

The entire recruitment process for the Federal Student Work Experience Program is taken care of by the public service commission. The process is very systematic and transparent. For doing so, PSC receives all the applications directly from the students and moreover, it refers applications to the hiring managers.

In fact, departments can rehire the students directly in this program if students meet the eligibility conditions.

How to apply?

The application process for the Federal student work experience program is very simple. The students can apply online and fill the required form to get enrolled in the inventory.

So, if you are a student who wants to add some worth, you must not miss such an opportunity. This program won’t only make you more employable but will help you grow professionally. You will be making some contacts which will help you throughout your life and can help you in becoming a successful person.

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Federal Student Work Experience Program
Closing date: 2024-05-13
Veterans Affairs Canada
Various language requirements and/or profiles
Federal Student Work Experience Program
Closing date: N/A
Public Service Commission of Canada
Across Canada
Various language requirements and/or profiles
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