How to Apply for Government of Canada Jobs

How to Apply for Government of Canada Jobs. Process of getting a federal public service job of Canada includes several steps. These following steps are as follow

  • Process to find and apply for Canada Federal government job
    • First steps involve registering your profile at
    • Then you can search to specific job types as per interested like locations, posts, salary range etc.
  • Make professional, targeted resume as per requirement, resume should be loud and clear.
  • Daily visits to your GC jobs to check whether if you have been screened in any jobs.
  • Once you screened in after that you may have to give series of tests or tests and you may also asked to appear in an interview.

How to Apply for Government of Canada JobsHow to Apply for Government of Canada Jobs

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Time period of Federal Jobs

There are many options that can hired you into the federal public service

    • As an indeterminate that means permanent employment
    • Or term or casual (usually less than 90 days) short employment opportunities

Overview your qualification or merit criteria for federal job applications

In each Federal job poster there is column called Statement of Merit Criteria (SofMC) this lay out clearly mentioned information like

  • Date of submission of resume and other required documents
  • Eligible criteria like geographic locations, departments etc.
  • Essential required qualification what education and experience is preferred for the jobs is identifies in this column.
  • Operational or assets qualifications this additional education not essential to being able to apply but nice to have
  • Other information include requirement other than experience and education such like personal suitability, knowledge, abilities and this section information like the require process you will have to continue, i.e will there be reference checks or will be an interview or tests

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How to get prepare for the interview

There are many online website that can give you material like Federal Government Interview Preparation Worksheet that will help you to get formulate key information to prepare for questions like why would you be a good fit for the job or who you are etc

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Government of Canada Jobs

How to Apply for Government of Canada Jobs, How to Apply for Government of Canada Jobs,How to Apply for Government of Canada Jobs

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