Atomic Energy of Canada Limited Jobs 2022

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited’s (AECL) Chalk River web page changed into the birthplace of the Canadian nuclear enterprise over seventy five years ago. Historically, AECL developed and designed the highly successful CANDU reactor, which affords easy, reliable baseload power on four continents. In parallel, AECL has maintained and continues to grow a comprehensive R&D software that supports the present day Canadian working fleet, allows new reactor designs and the development of latest related technology, consisting of superior materials and accident tolerant fuels.

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited Jobs, AECL JobsAtomic Energy of Canada Limited Jobs, AECL Jobs

In current years, AECL’s position inside the nuclear landscape in Canada has changed: duty for layout and development of the CANDU reactor is now entrusted to Candu Energy Inc. (that is growing its personal grid-sized SMR known as the CSMR); and, the operation of AECL sites, which includes transport of the R&D software at Chalk River, is now the duty of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) underneath a Government-owned Contractor-operated (GoCo) version. AECL remains a federal Crown business enterprise with a mandate to allow nuclear technology and technology and control the Government of Canada’s radioactive waste and nuclear decommissioning duties.

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AECL’s task is to drive nuclear opportunity for Canada. From an SMR perspective, which means that AECL uses its in-intensity technical, business and policy experience to evaluate SMR opportunities for Canada, and to then leverage its S&T applications, belongings, and lands to enable others within Canada’s nuclear environment to develop and thrive in an rising international SMR marketplace.

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In specific, AECL, as an agent of the Government of Canada, leverages its specific “massive science” belongings to permit the development and demonstration of SMR technology. It works with CNL to tailor applications and projects as a way to deliver get right of entry to to infrastructure, know-how and understand-the way to Canadian researchers and companies, so one can deliver them a competitive benefit in what has turn out to be a global race for SMR improvement.

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited Jobs


Atomic Energy of Canada Limited Jobs, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited Jobs, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited Jobs

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